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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bueaty Tips

“when less amount of powder can set your makeup, make smoothness to your skin and give you longer wear, why you should fill your face.” Use always some type of powder. It is not ever easier for product, when you have dry winter skin.

1. Always compare your skin.

When you want to intending to be in harsh lighting or taking plenty of photos, your powder must be according to your skin. Caring powder’s color it can change your skin for a few hours. If you are about to be in hot lighting or want that your face may get shine. So your powder is not to be darker.

2. Not touch Outer edges of face

Your face center is focused, so apply the powder on that part, do not touch the outer edges of face if you want have natural radiance on your face to show through. Most beautision suggests applying highlighting products at outer edges of face.

3. Boost concealer with loose powder

Always use light powder, not a compact. so it would not fall into line creases.

4. Create natural-looking finish

Use powder like your skin should not look like dark. Making your powder invisible, dampen a makeup sponge and pat it over the skin. It will remove extra product and create a silky finish.

5. Blotting paper is beneficial

Do not pile on layer after layer of powder around the day, use blotting papers for excess oil. Layers of powder can look cakey; blotting paper will remove the grease withing deframing your makeup.....
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